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by Ryan Drescher


The city of Calgary is unique.

Our shining city embodies different images in the eyes of different people. But what are those images? Does the global community see Calgary as a hub for the arts? Doubtful.

Our international image contains cowboy hats, growing dusty on shelves, waiting for their days of Stampede glory, and the towers of rich oil companies rather than studios and film sets.

But what if that identity could be diversified?

For those of us who live in Calgary, the city’s palate is a kaleidoscope of technology and art. But the Canadian film industry, according to some, lies in the folds of Vancouver and Toronto.

Cue Storyhive.

An initiative to fund independent film work, Storyhive, presented by Telus Optik TV, is providing grants to selected independent filmmakers in Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton through a public online vote on submitted teaser trailers of projects.

In honour of the goals of the initiative, a group of university students and budding filmmakers have embarked on a project entitled The Good, the Bad, and the Industry, an exploration of the film industry in Calgary and how it could be made to rival Vancouver and Toronto.

By talking to filmmakers throughout the city and exploring the facilities available to them, The Good the Bad and the Industry endeavours to tell the untold stories of this great city’s filmmakers and put our city on the map.

But there is a crucial first step.

If you are interested in exploring the Calgary film industry, or in helping to spread its influence and diversify Calgary’s global image, watch the group’s two-minute video pitch and vote for The Good, the Bad and the Industry, by accessing the Storyhive website.

Calgary’s film industry may be small, but it’s proud. Help give it more of a voice by watching the pitch and voting for The Good, the Bad, and the Industry at

To watch the pitch, visit

To learn more about the whole competition, visit

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