BSCENE TV: A look behind the makeup

Joel Schulz September 29, 2014 0

by Joel Schulz – Publisher

Producer and Host, Will Stephanie Wilson, brings gut-wrenching reality to a new television series which starting airing on Tuesday September 30th on Shaw TV.

BSCENE TV was a year in the making. The brainchild of Will, she became aware that there was a deluge of celebrity paparazzo like shows on the air but little in the way of what the personal life of a celebrity is, sometimes tragic, once the makeup is removed, the cameras are off, and they are out of public view. In the first episode, airing tomorrow, Hell on Wheels star, Kevin Davey, gets quite frank at how he had to single handedly raise his family after his wife was tragically killed by a drunk driver six years ago.

Not limited to celebrities, Will, and her staff of roaming reporters, canvasses the public for the personal stories of “everyday people”, from buskers to attendees at the bridal show at the Saddledome. I personally abhor celebrity shows, like E Talk and others. However, after attending the premiere this past Saturday, hosted by Kensington’s Osteria de Medici Restaurant, I actually found the vignettes touching. As an individual who has several friends who are crew and actors on Hell on Wheels, the vignette into Kevin Davey’s life following the tragedy was not like I was star watching. I was, instead, learning about the trials and tribulations of a victim of drunk driving. Will Stephanie Wilson managed to craft a presentation that did not reek of becoming a groupie or paparazzo production. That takes skill.

Many of our readers may recognize Will from Shaw TV’s City Vibes. She is a Mount Royal University Broadcasting graduate and has totally gotten her feet dirty, and successfully, in the local broadcast industry since her graduation.

Future guests on BSCENE TV include wrestling champion and WWF star Rick Titan, Hulk Hogan, Mt. Everest conqueror Byron Smith, and Nathaniel Arcand of Heartland, Arctic Air, Blackstone, and North of 60 fame.

This show is a totally independent production with funding coming from external sources rather than from Shaw TV. It airs bi-weekly commencing this Tuesday evening on Shaw Cable 10.

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