Catching up with the sport of “Bunning”

Joel Schulz November 14, 2015 0

‘Bunning’ *: A sport of sort, simple enough, with its own implied set of risks. Bunning is an activity in which the participants sneak up to the top floor of a targeted hotel and subsequently steal the buns, and perhaps other morsels from room service trays on each floor, pilfering all the way to the bottom, or, until Hotel security catches and tosses them out.

Extreme Bunning: Imagine these guys taking Bunning “to the limit” with hilarious and ultimately predictable results.

Starting in Calgary, Canada, the Bunning capital of the world, picture these guys helicopter-ing onto hotel rooftop after another, hopping out in their shinny black man heals, tuxedo’s and tails where they are ushered in by bribed security, eat their full of other people’s orders, and escape in getaway stretch limos back to private airports, or mom’s basement. Catching up with the tour, they have eaten their way all the way down to the bottom of each country until now there are perhaps only two free nations left (as extravagantly rumored) South Africa and Australia, god forbid! They have their sights set on these also. Of course a troupe of servers in cummerbunds, several half naked man and women clutching towels and waving knives and spoons, along with a half dozen hoteliers are hot on the trail of our notorious hoodlums. Bunning. A sport rarely mastered an almost never taken to the extreme. I can’t imagine why? Can you?

*possibly wildly exaggerated and certainly based on the real life “Bunning” escapades of unnamed individuals also the subject of the previous article The Gallery

Author: Rebecca H. Aikman

Cover image: Sarah-Joy Goode

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