Poetry of Elena Danfe: Idea / Substance

by / No Comments / November 14, 2015

Idea over Substance


I concede that maps are both science and art.

I concede their beauty and their necessity but still . . .

As we measure and name each inch of territory and claim boundaries and nations,

We are attempting to lay our paper ‘facts’ on Mother Earth herself.


And, one day she may tire of her children’s arrogance,
and with a small change of latitude,
shake us off and continue on her way.


Cool green grass rustles beneath my bare feet as I run
towards the large puddle behind the shed.

It was refreshed by an early morning rain and now mirrors a blue sky.
Cool brown mud squishes between my toes
sending a shiver up my legs, of delight and chill.
I take a few slippery steps across to the grass on the hill
that is warming in the sun,
but still damp enough to wipe my feet before anyone sees.

– Elena Danfe

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